Smudging Procedure and Request

  1. The Chapel is the designated space for smudging ceremonies as it has enhanced ventilation.
  2. The Manager of Facilities/Plant Operations and the Renison University College Chaplain must be notified one week prior to the event.
  3. Smudge materials must be burned in an earthen-ware bowl, large shell, or other fire proof vessel during periods of prayer and meditation.
  4. A fire extinguisher must be made accessible and a person trained in its use must be present.
  5. There must not be excessive smoke. 
  6. Steps must be taken to avoid smoke being released to other portions of the building.
  7. Material remaining after a Smudge Ceremony must be fully extinguished and disposed of safely.
  8. Automatic notification of the Fire department will be disabled by Facilities staff and a fire watch will be undertaken during the event and for one hour after; therefore, ceremonies may only be undertaken during normal business hours.  The fire bells will not be disabled and evacuation is required if the fire detection system is triggered.
  9. The ventilation will be triggered by the timer located in the Chapel at the outset of the ceremony and for one hour after.

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