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Fall 2017 Convocation

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Your convocation is a special day set aside to recognize your success in achieving your Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree.

As a Renison registered Graduand, you are invited to take part in two very important ceremonies: 

  • You will be invited to attend the University of Waterloo convocation in the Physical Activities Complex (PAC) in the morning
  • Following the Waterloo ceremony, our Renison piper will lead our graduands back to Renison for lunch followed by a Renison Convocation ceremony

Below is some important information for you as you prepare for graduation:

Important dates – Fall convocation 2017

Time Event

August 1

Deadline for submitting Intent to Graduate Form 

September 22

You will be able to see your official grades and your eligibility for graduation on Quest.

If you've completed your degree requirements in the winter term, you should confirm that you have been recommended to graduate by viewing the Degrees Awarded section at the beginning of your unofficial transcript on Quest.

October 11 Deadline to reply to Renison's invitation to our morning ceremony and luncheon. Questions may be directed to Brenda Maciel
October 21 Convocation day

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Invitations and guests

An invitation to Renison's pre-convocation ceremony and luncheon has been emailed to your UWaterloo e-mail address as listed on Quest. Please confirm your attendance and the number of guests to the Renison Registrar's office before October 11 via the RSVP evite link. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Brenda Maciel in Renison's Registrar's Office.

  • Be sure that your home address on Quest is up-to-date.
  • To reply online, please refer to your e-mailed invitation.

Special guest seating for the University of Waterloo convocation ceremony at the PAC in the afternoon is available upon request through the University of Waterloo Registrar's Office

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Graduating student checklist

Congratulations! All your hard work is about to pay off!  Be sure that your convocation day goes smoothly by reading through the important dates so you don’t miss a deadline.

Convocation check list will guide you step-by-step through convocation, from preparing for the big day, to the ceremony itself, and the celebration afterwards.

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Graduation Photos

Appointments are booked online at Grad photos are taken in the SLC year round. Please see Lifetouch’s website for your class composite deadline.

Day's events 

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After 8:30 am free parking is available for Renison graduands and their guests in the Renison parking lot. (Before 8:30 am, $7.00 payable by credit card only)

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Additional information

Should you have additional questions or need further information about Renison's convocation ceremony, please contact Brenda Maciel in Renison's Registrar's Office.

The University of Waterloo Registrar's Office offers additional information regarding convocation including alumni services, hood and gown information, and memorabilia information.

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