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Financial aid - fall term

The Fall 2017 scholarships, awards, and bursaries are available. The deadline is Thursday September 28, 2017. Please note:

  • the deadline for applications is Thursday September 28, 2017 at 3:00 pm.
  • only students with a UWaterloo ID will be able to sign in and fill out the applications
  • awards and bursaries that require a GPA are only available to students who have taken at least one course at the University of Waterloo or Renison University College
  • point form answers are preferred (please remain within the requested character count)
  • to be eligible for any of our scholarships, awards, or bursaries you must be Renison-registered and taking at least 2 Renison courses in the fall 2017 term
  • all applications will be checked to ensure accuracy
  • you may save your application as a draft, and complete it at a later time
  • if you are chosen to receive a scholarship, award, or bursary, we will contact you near the end of October.

If you have any questions, please email

How to apply

1. Click the application link for the appropriate award. You will be taken to a new web page. At the top of this page, it will ask you to login.

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2. Enter your 8-digit WATIAM user name (do not add and then your password. This should take you directly to the form. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view all of the application forms. Your session will time out after a long period of inactivity.

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Fall 2017 Awards:

Bishop Arthur Brown Award: two awards of $1500

The Arthur Brown Award was established by Jim and Margaret Fleck, strong supporters of Renison University College. This award was established to recognize the dedication and commitment of the Rt. Rev Arthur Brown to Renison.

The Bishop Arthur Brown Award supports full- or part-time Bachelor of Social Work and/or Master of Social Work students who have active experience in the community service or community care-giving.  Apply for the Arthur Brown Award

John Budden Award: two awards of $1500

John Yuen, a former Renison University College board member, created this award in honour of his mentor, John Budden. This award is for a student who is entering year two of a full-time undergraduate program and has completed ten UWaterloo courses whilse showing exemplary leadership and community involvement. Apply for the John Budden Award

The M. Darrol and Susan Bryant Award: one award of $500

M. Darrol Bryant, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Renison University College, University of Waterloo and Susan Hodges Bryant have established this award for deserving students registered through Renison College who are in need of financial assistance in pursuing their university education.

Professor Bryant was a faculty member from 1973 until 2007 and taught in Religious Studies. Susan Hodges Bryant was a Lecturer in English from 1978 until 2008.  Apply for the M. Darrol and Susan Bryant Award

Florence Li Tim Oi Memorial Award: two awards of $2000

An award to assist a student who has graduated from Renison University College’s Social Development Studies program with high academic achievement, and who has been accepted into the Bachelor of Social Work degree program. The recipient of this award will be known as The Florence Li Tim-Oi Scholar.  Apply for the Florence Li Tim Oi Memorial Award

Norma Brown Award: two awards of $2000

This award was established in memory of, Norma Brown, late wife of Chancellor Emeritus, Bishop Arthur Brown. This award is offered to both full-time and part-time students in the Bachelor of Social Work and/or Master of Social programs. As a social worker herself Norma fully understood the need for educated trained personnel in the profession. Apply for the Norma Brown Award

The Paul Jeffrey Mesbur Memorial Award: two awards of $1000

The Paul Jeffrey Mesbur Memorial Award was established by Dr. Ellen Sue Mesbur and Mr. David Mesbur, in loving memory of their son, Paul. As Director of the School of Social Work from 2002 to 2012, Ellen Sue asked that the award be available to social work students and was pleased to endow the award in 2007. The award was established for full- or part-time BSW and MSW students. Apply for the Paul Jeffrey Mesbur Memorial Award

Peter Swann Achievement Award in East Asian Studies: one award of $1000

Charles and Andrea Bronfman established this award in honour of Peter Swann, founder of our East Asian Studies program. It is granted annually to an outstanding student working towards the minor or diploma in East Asian Studies who has completed at least six of the eight required courses. Apply to the Peter Swann Achievement Award

R.A.S.C Award: one award of $1000

This award was established in 1997 by the Renison Academic Student Council to recognize community contributions and involvement outside of the College, combined with academic merit. Apply to the R.A.S.C Award

Town and Gown Society Awards: three awards of $1000, two awards of $500

The Renison Town and Gown Society, a network of active and involved women from the local community, established three awards for students in the full-time SDS or SSW programs, and one award for students registered in the part-time SSW program. It will be given to students who have entered university from non-traditional routes such as community college, previous careers, parenting. Applicants must show a record of community service, and some consideration will be given for financial need. Apply for the Town and Gown Society Awards

Eva Leflar Foundation Award: up to four awards of $5000

The Eva Leflar Foundation established this bursary to help students financially upon entrance to university from an Owen Sound or Grey/Bruce area high school, to pursue and complete a University of Waterloo degree while registered through Renison University College.

The Scholarship and Awards Committee will renew this bursary annually upon application, provided that students are making satisfactory academic progress in their full-time programme, and are able to demonstrate continued financial need.  Apply for the Eva Leflar Foundation Award

Fall 2017 Bursaries:

Charles Montrose Bryant Bursary: one bursary of $1000

Open to all Renison-registered full-time students in a BA program who have a minimum overall grade point average of 75% or higher and who can demonstrate financial need. A preference will be given to those students who have demonstrated an interest in Canadian or international environmental issues. Applicants are required to provide a description of their activity in environmental concerns. Apply to the Charles Montrose Bryant Bursary  

Minnie Mae Hanselman Bursary: two bursaries of $1000

Miss Hanselman was a long-term financial donor and interested patron of Renison University College, who willed her estate to Renison University College for the purpose of a bursary to be set up in her memory. A number of bursaries are available each term with first preference given to residents of Brant County. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, have completed at least five courses at the time of application, and be enrolled in at least two courses in the term for which application is made. Apply for the Minne Mae Hanselman Bursary

Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Bursaries: three bursaries of $1000

These awards were set up by alumni, faculty, friends and staff of the College with matching funds from the Government of Ontario. A number of bursaries are offered each term to students who are in good academic standing and can demonstrate financial need. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants and able to prove twelve months prior residency in Ontario. Apply for the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Bursary

Order of St. Lazarus Bursary: one bursary of $1000

This bursary was established in 2012 through a gift from The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. The purpose of the Order of St. Lazarus Ecumenical Bursaries is to provide financial support and/or tuition assistance to students. Renison University College is an affiliated Anglican College of the University of Waterloo. Since its founding in 1959, Renison has dedicated itself to encouraging students to excel academically and to develop a commitment to serve the local, national, and international community. Apply for the Order of St. Lazarus Bursary

Fall 2017 Scholarship:

Willis Theological Scholarship: on scholarship of $1000

This scholarship is available to a graduating student of the College who registers for theological studies in the Fall term. Apply for the Willis Theological Scholarship

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