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Financial aid - winter term

The Winter 2019 scholarships, awards, and bursaries are available. The deadline to apply is Tues Feb 5, 2019. Please note:

  • the deadline for applications is Tues Feb 5 at 3:00 pm
  • only students with a UWaterloo ID will be able to sign in and fill out the applications
  • awards and bursaries that require a GPA are only available to students who have taken at least one course at the University of Waterloo or Renison University College
  • point form answers are preferred (please remain within the requested character count)
  • to be eligible for any of our scholarships, awards, or bursaries you must be Renison-registered and taking at least 2 Renison courses in the term the award is offered
  • all applications will be checked to ensure accuracy
  • you may save your application as a draft, and complete it at a later time
  • if you are chosen to receive a scholarship, award, or bursary, we will contact you near the end of February

If you have any questions, please email

How to apply

1. Click the application link for the appropriate award. You will be taken to a new web page. At the top of this page, it will ask you to login.

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2. Enter your 8-digit WATIAM user name (do not add and then your password. This should take you directly to the form. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view all of the application forms. Your session will time out after a long period of inactivity.

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Winter 2019 Awards:

Beacon Award: two awards of $1000

These two awards were established by Bea Abbott, a Renison alumna and former Adjunct Assistant Professor of Social Work, to serve as a beacon encouraging students who are interested in pursuing a social work career.  Apply for the Beacon Award

Bishop H.F.G. Appleyard Award:  one award of $1000

The award was established to help children of Anglican clergy who are residents at Renison University College and or are registered at Renison or the University of Waterloo. However, if there are no applications from children of Anglican clergy, applications will be considered from any resident at Renison University College, registered at Renison or the University of Waterloo, who has been active in an Anglican parish.  Apply for the Bishop H.F.G. Appleyard Award

Cuthbert Family International Award: one award of $1000

The Cuthbert Family International Award is open to Renison-registered students who wish to pursue an international learning experience, (i.e., student exchange, co-op term, service learning, study abroad term, credit course). The experience, study term, or exchange must take place in a society that is culturally different from the applicant’s community or heritage.  Apply for the Cuthbert Family International Award

Donald and Doris M'Timkulu: one award of $500

This award will be given to a full-time student registered at Renison University College, who can demonstrate commitment to voluntary service in an international or multicultural context or is participating in an international learning experience or student exchange program and has a minimum overall grade point average of 75% or above.  Apply to the Donald and Doris M'Timkulu Award

Florence Li Tim-Oi Award: one award of $2000

An award to assist a student who has graduated from Renison University College’s Social Development Studies program with high academic achievement, and who has been accepted into the Bachelor of Social Work degree program. The recipient of this award will be known as The Florence Li Tim-Oi Scholar.  Apply to the Florence Li Tim-Oi Award

Jeanne Renault Memorial Award: one award of $500

This award is given in memory of Jeanne Renault, former Director of the Elmira Regional Daycare, who was very involved with the prevention of violence against women and children. The award is open to a full-time Renison - registered student who fits the eligibility criteria below. Apply for the Jeanne Renault Memorial Award

Meghan Reid Memorial Award: two awards of $3000

The Meghan Reid Memorial Award is open to full-time SDS students. It is available to a student in any year of study, who is in good academic standing (75% and above) and can demonstrate financial need. Students much also show community involvement, service and volunteerism. Apply for the Meghan Reid Memorial Award

Norma Brown Award: two awards of $1000

This award was established in memory of, Norma Brown, late wife of Chancellor Emeritus, Bishop Arthur Brown.  This award is offered to both full-time and part-time students in the Bachelor of Social Work and/or Master of Social programs.  As a social worker herself Norma fully understood the need for educated trained personnel in the profession.  Apply to the Norma Brown Award

Paul Jeffrey Mesbur Memorial Award: one award of $1000

The Paul Jeffrey Mesbur Memorial Award was established by Dr. Ellen Sue Mesbur and Mr. David Mesbur, in loving memory of their son, Paul. As Director of the School of Social Work from 2002 to 2012, Ellen Sue asked that the award be available to social work students and was pleased to endow the award in 2007.  The award was established for full- or part-time BSW and MSW students.  Apply to the Paul Jeffrey Mesbur Memorial Award

Town & Gown Society Award: four awards of $500 and three awards of $1000

These awards are offered by the Renison Town & Gown Society, a network of active and involved women from the local community, to encourage full-time students embarking upon their degrees in Social Development Studies, Bachelor of Social Work, or Master of Social Work programs. Apply to the Town & Gown Society Award

Winter 2019 Bursaries:

Bishop Morse Robinson Bursary: one bursary of $1000

This bursary was established by the late Rt. Rev’d Morse Robinson, Chancellor of Renison University College (1974-1985) and founding Director of the Renison Institute of Ministry. Preference will be given to children of Anglican clergy, candidates who intend to pursue post-graduate theological studies, or single parents.  Apply for the Bishop Morse Robinson Bursary

BSW Endowment Fund: three bursaries of $1000

Students are eligible if they are enrolled in the BSW program, are in good academic standing, demonstrate financial need, and demonstrate a commitment to community involvement and/or volunteerism in the social services sector.  Apply for the BSW Endowment Fund

Chartwells Bursary: one bursary of $1000

This bursary is offered by Chartwells (Renison’s caterer) to assist a Resident of Renison University College.  Apply for the Chartwells Bursary

Elizabeth Breithaupt Bursary: two bursaries of $1500

This bursary was established by Elizabeth Breithaupt, a community leader and founding member of the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, to assist Renison University College undergraduate students. Apply for the Elizabeth Breithaupt Bursary

Faculty Endowment Bursary: one bursary of $1000

This bursary was established by members of the Renison University College faculty to help Renison-registered students in financial need, who are in good academic standing.  Apply to the Faculty Endowment Bursary

Grad Class Challenge Bursary: one bursary of $500

This bursary was established by graduating classes of Renison University College to assist Renison registered students who are currently in their 2nd year of university, and registered in a minimum of three courses at Renison and can demonstrate financial need.  Apply to the Grad Class Challenge Bursary

Howard T. Hodges Bursary: one bursary of $500

Open to all Renison-registered full-time students in a BA program who have a minimum overall grade point average of 75% or higher and who can demonstrate financial need.  A preference will be given to those students who have demonstrated an interest in the relation of literature to the improvement of society.   Apply for the Howard T. Hodges Bursary

Judy T. Winterburn Bursary: one bursary of $1000

An award established by Mr. Harold Winterburn in honour of his daughter-in-law, Judy Winterburn. This annual bursary is available to any student who meets the eligibility criteria. Apply for the Judy T. Winterburn Bursary

Luke Winterburn Memorial Bursary: one bursary of $1000

This award was established by Mr. Harold Winterburn, in memory of his father, Mr. Luke Winterburn. The bursary is intended to encourage and assist those students with a “B” average who are experiencing financial difficulties. Apply to the Luke Winterburn Memorial Bursary

Maycourt Club of K-W Bursary: one bursary of $1000

This bursary was established by The Maycourt Club of Kitchener-Waterloo to encourage and assist a full-time BSW student who is in good academic standing and can demonstrate financial need.  Apply for the Maycourt Club of K-W Bursary

Minnie Mae Hanselman Bursary: two bursaries of $1500

Miss Hanselman was a long-term financial donor and interested patron of Renison University College, who willed her estate to Renison University College for the purpose of a bursary to be set up in her memory. A number of bursaries are available each term with first preference given to residents of Brant County. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, have completed at least five courses at the time of application, and be enrolled in at least two courses in the term for which application is made.  Apply for the Minnie Mae Hanselman Bursary

Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Bursary: four bursaries of $1000

These bursaries were set up by alumni, faculty, friends and staff of the College with matching funds from the Government of Ontario. A number of bursaries are offered each term to students who are in good academic standing and can demonstrate financial need. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants and able to prove twelve months prior residency in Ontario.  Apply for the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Bursary

Rollo/Hunt Bursary: one bursary of $500

The Rollo/Hunt Bursary was established by Mr. Harold Winterburn in honour of his daughter, Susan Rollo, and his son-in-law, James Hunt.  Apply for the Rollo/Hunt Bursary