Renison teams up with the Network for Aging to host a wellness event at Luther Village

Monday, June 27, 2016

by Professor Colleen McMillan, Interim Director, School of Social Work

participants listen to a presentation at healthy aging practices event at Luther VillageThe "East Meets West: Healthy Aging Practices" event was held on Saturday, June 18th at Luther Village with five Western trained and six Eastern trained practitioners offering information sessions on mental health, mobility and gait, medications, mindfulness and yoga, nutrition and muscle retention, acupuncture, alternative Chinese medicine and herbal remedies.

 Healthy Aging Practices passportThe event was opened by MPP Catherine Fife who spoke of the need for more integration of the two philosophies to health and aging. Live demonstration were performed by the WCCA Reddish Red Leaf Elders Club and by Master Edward Ho who lead a group exercise on QiGong. In total, 158 people attended the event with evaluations indicating that more than 90% would like to see similar events being held and 92% indicating their knowledge of healthy aging practices had increased after attending the event.

For those interested, they can view a slideshow of highlights from the East Meets West: Healthy Aging Practices event

The event was hosted by Professor Colleen McMillan and Tony Tin, Director, Library and Information Services who received a grant from the Network for Aging Research, University of Waterloo.