Your journey across borders will grant you the opportunity to witness breathtaking natural landscapes and irreplaceable cultural landmarks as you write the chronicle of your Mexican experience. These are but some of the compelling landmarks to encounter on your Mexican experience, but the story changes with each retelling. For a look at a sample itinerary.

View of the inside of accomodation in Mexico


Travel tCuernavaca, just south of Mexico City in the heart of the state of Morelos, where you will begin your international journey. "The City of Eternal Spring" will be your home as the site of accommodations, and from here you will travel to a wide range of locations in the surrounding area.

The Jardin Borda in Cuernavaca is the only remaining Novohispanic garden in all of Mexico, nearly destroyed to usher in modern establishments. Experience its history, which spans over 200 years, as you visit the botanical gardens in this beautiful oasis.  

Pyramid with carvings

From a Nahuatl word meaning "in the place of the house of flowers", Xochicalco is a pre-Columbian archeological site in the western part of Morelos. Climb the stone ruins and monasteries to the legendary Quetzalcoatl pyramid, once the gathering place of wise men for important events. The ruins of Xochicalco reveal magnificent multicultural influence, including Aztec and Olmec elements.

Lined with cobblestone streets and surrounded by an expanse of mountains, the rural area of Tepoztlán is a national park where history can be found in every step. Known as the legendary birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, you will experience the rituals and festivals of the people of Tepoztlán as they bridge past and present to respect the foundations of which the Mexican culture was built.

Photo of the cathedral and Zocalo in Mexico City

The trip will culminate with a visit to Mexico City, including visits to museums, the National Palace, and the zócalo of Mexico City. The zócalo serves as a public marketplace, a political hub, and an artistic venue, and is one of the largest city squares in the world.