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Your cross-cultural transformative journey will shed light on many concerns of Canadians and Mexicans alike. An important goal of the Mexico-Canada trip is to make sense of the experiences and their relevance to everyday life, and to realize that there is a story behind every moment.

Reflection session at Reniosn University College

The international experience includes various reflection sessions that ask you to challenge your assumptions and understanding and celebrate your newfound perspectives. The reflection sessions are built upon the Circle of Praxis, which urges individuals to bring their knowledge and experience into dialogue with what they have seen in order to promote responsible action and positive change.

The reflection sessions will ask you to question...

What did I learn? What insights did I gain?
Canadian urban realities

Canadian rural realities

Canadian First Nations

Previous reflections on content:

  • Innovative programs
  • Responses to need
  • Contrasting world views
  • Faces of poverty
  • Impact of globalization
  • Historical context
  • Interconnectedness

Led to recognizing the importance of:

  • Humility
  • Reflection
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Openness and awareness
  • Adaptability
  • Resistance and resiliency
Mexican realities
The world and global citizenship

From the follow-up sessions, previous participants have conveyed these impact statements describing their experiences...

Photo of the follow-up session with 2010 participants

"I feel proud to have seen Mexico from a different perspective -- many 

see only the beach. I feel privileged to have born witness to people's lives. We gave them a voice and a space to tell their story"

"The international learning experience has truly made me a better person; more aware of the world surrounding me and how my decisions affect situations on a global level"

"It has given me the opportunity to challenge my preconceived notions about community development, resistance movements and cultural identities"

"The learning model -- experiential, reflective and cyclical, has allowed a much more in-depth and internalized learning process to take place"

Reflection session in Mexico

"I have enjoyed and been challenged by the course and believe that it has affirmed my commitment to global citizenship and solidarity building"

"This experience has inspired me to work in community development, community organizing and human rights"

"This experience has really opened my eyes to not only the realities of Mexico, but also those of Canada -- and how these realities are linked and impact one another"