Just Like You* set to launch final videos over the holidays

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Just like you* but with fur screenshotFor the past few weeks, This Week at Renison has been following the launch of the Just Like You* campaign from the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (FurScience.com), which began on Thursday, December 1 (and has now been viewed tens of thousands of times and been virally shared on CBC News) to promote public awareness about furries and decrease the harmful stigma that surrounds them. FurScience.com was launched in April 2016 by Professor Sharon Roberts, Social Development Studies, and her international team of researchers.
The Just Like You* launch will release its final two videos on December 22nd and 29th on the FurScience.com website and social media channels.

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To the full article about the Just Like You* campaign momentum and media coverage, go to Just Like You* launch gains momentum

Visit FurScience.com every Thursday to check out each new video release as they come out.

Professor Sharon Roberts is an associate professor in Social Development Studies at Renison.