Students enjoy Middle-Eastern culture through food for Studies in Islam course

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Studies in Islam Students enjoy Middle-Eastern cuisine at ArabesqueLast week, Arabic language students in the Studies in Islam program at Renison went on a field trip to Arabesque, a Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant on Victoria Street in Kitchener. The students enjoyed typical Middle-Eastern cuisine and learned the cultural aspects of eating as well as table manners.
Instructor, Professor Amir Al-Azraki explains, "The best way to teach a language is through its cultural context. By going to a traditional/authentic Arabic restaurant, students can learn not only vocabulary related to food and eating out but also some essential cultural aspects related to eating/food etiquette."
He continues, "From a pedagogical point of view, authentic cultural contexts play an important role in motivating students to learn and apply what they learn in such a setting. In the restaurant, the students asked many questions and learned a lot about Arabic food and culture." 

Studies in Islam offers students the opportunity to explore and learn about the diversity of Islam and Muslims through the study of traditional and modern Islamic civilization and culture.