Mobile learning and academic integrity project receives $96K

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

mobile learningIn March the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development announced $2.6 million in research funding as part of the the eCampus Ontario grants to explore technology-enabled learning and highlight best practices in student engagement.

Among the projects being funded through these grants is Foundations for Academic Success: Innovative Mobile Learning to Enhance Academic Integrity, with Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Tony Tin, Director and Information Services and Nicole Sanderson, Lecturer, Social Development Studies in partnership with the Academic Integrity office at Waterloo. The aim of the project is to provide academic integrity tools for all incoming first-year university students at Waterloo and across Ontario.

According to the eCampus Ontario announcement, "objectives are to develop strategies for enhancing student academic integrity knowledge and understanding by employing open access mobile technology with an innovative pedagogical approach. Research will support the development, administration, and assessment of the Foundations for Academic Success academic integrity mobile learning tool that explores best strategies, from a student user perspective, for accessing, delivering, assessing, and learning this information with mobile technology."

The announcement, including a list of all the awards, is available online at eCampus Ontario

Press release from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development: Ontario Boosting Digital and Online Learning for Students

Alice Schmidt Hanbidge is an assistant professor in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in the School of Social Work. Her 20-­year social work practice experience includes a specialization in community mental health that contributes to her clinical, teaching, and research social work interests.

Tony Tin is the Director of Library and Information Services at Renison. He is passionate about closing the gap between education and the mobile demands of students who want to access just in time information and learn anytime/anywhere.

Nicole Sanderson is a lecturer in Social Development Studies and teaches courses in adolescence and in sociology of education. She is also is a certified elementary and high school teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers.