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10th International Symposium held by Confucius Institute in Waterloo

Friday, October 12, 2018

(Poster) International Symposium on Cultural Identity and Confidence in teh Era of Post-multiculturalism.The International Symposium on Cultural Identity and Confidence in the Era of Post-multiculturalism was successfully held in Waterloo by Renison University College and the Confucius Institute in Waterloo from September 28 to October 3, 2018.

This was the 10th International Symposium hosted by the Confucius Institute in Waterloo. It gathered 20 leading researchers and scholars in social science, religious studies, and culture and language studies from Canada and China to engage in dialogue on issues such as multiculturalism, cultural identity, cultural confidence, the community of a shared future, and writings on multiculturalism in world literature.

Dr. Wendy Fletcher, President of Renison University College, and Prof. Yan Li, Director of the Confucius Institute in Waterloo, chaired the English session and the Chinese session of the symposium, respectively.

Adding her voice to the other scholarly presentations, Dr. Fletcher explored the limitations of the much celebrated vision of multiculturalism in the Canadian story in her speech titled Multiculturalism or Interculturalism? A New Social Imaginary for Canada - What Does Race Have to Do With it? She postulated a more daring prospect, framing a vision of interculturalism as the defining trope for Canada’s new social imaginary. Such a vision invites the prospect of living authentically into the Canadian ideal of diversity, beyond the harms of systemic and personal racism which have so characterized the past.

Prof. Yan Li has been the Director of the Confucius Institute in Waterloo since 2007 and has made great efforts to promote cultural and literature exchanges between Canada and China. She and her colleagues have organized many international symposiums to encourage the understanding of multicultural co-existence in the world. Her speech The Controversy about Joseph Boyden’s Bear Story in 2017, remarked on the Appropriation Prize, which sparked great outrage in 2017, reflecting on the causes of this “literary event.”

Watch the Chinese language news coverage of the event from

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