The Confucius Institute (CI) director, Yan Li, publishes New Novel. Lily in the Snow

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cover of the book "Lily in the Snow"

Press Release: Women's Press, for Immediate Release. Toronto, January 7, 2010. 

Lily in the Snow

By Yan Li


A story of adjustment, acceptance, and belonging emerges from the settings of Red China and contemporary Mapleton, Ontario. Lily, a young immigrant, is trying to make it on her own—and succeeding in her own way. Then her mother arrives—she’s come to “save” her daughter. Through Lily’s challenging relationship with her mother and with the vibrant and quirky Chinese community in Mapleton, we witness unexpected changes and challenges as she copes with her new environment and the transformation of her spirit and soul.

Lily in the Snow provides a unique perspective on the universal tale of intergenerational conflict and explores the Chinese immigrant experience in Canada with humour and insight.

Yan Li was born in Beijing, where she worked as an instructor, a translator, and a journalist before coming to Canada in 1987. She is the director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Waterloo and the coordinator of the Chinese language program at Renison University College. In addition to her teaching, she is also a bilingual author. Her first English novel, Daughters of the Red Land, was a 1996 finalist for the Books in Canada First Novel Award. Her Chinese novels include Married to the West Wind, Red Duckweed, and The Lambs of Mapleton.

Advance Praise for Lily in the Snow:

"Set in contemporary urban Ontario, Lily in the Snow tells the story a young Chinese journalist who immigrates to Canada with high hopes but finds life in her adopted country far from easy. Through the eyes of her mother, Grace, we come to understand how hard it is for the generation who was brought up during the Cultural Revolution to understand and adapt to modern Western ways. Canada may be the homeland of Mao’s hero, Dr. Norman Bethune, but Lily soon discovers that Bethune’s name is barely recognized here. Many people in the ex-patriot Chinese community seek order and direction in the evangelical Christian churches and Lily, with sharp perception and gentle humour, introduces the reader to a strong cast of immigrant characters, each with their own rich history.

Central to the story is the often troubled relationship between Lily and Grace. Wide gaps exist in their expectations and views on childrearing but the author treats both mother and daughter with great tenderness and empathy as they struggle to fulfill their dreams.”

— Jenny Kitson, Editor and Co-Director of the Eden Mills Writers Festival
~ Lily in the Snow ISBN 978-0-88961-479-6 390pp. PB $24.95~

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Lily in the Snow – 2 


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