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Confucius Institute's workshop gives teachers the skills they need

Friday, November 23, 2018

Attendees sit in a classroom, listening to a presentationHow do you best communicate the intricacies of a language? It's not an easy question to answer, but on Saturday, November 17, the Confucius Institute (CI) in Waterloo, housed at Renison University College, took on the challenge.

Hosting almost 100 Chinese language instructors from Waterloo Region, the CI workshop offered new and exciting methods and techniques of instructing students in the Chinese language.

Drawing attendees from numerous Chinese language schools operated by the Waterloo Region District School Board and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, among others, presentations were offered on the challenges associated with teaching the Chinese language outside of China and addressed some possible solutions.

Prof. Yan Li and Prof. Ping Xiang stand together infront of a CI bannerA keynote address was offered by Prof. Ping Xiang, the Director of the Confucius Institute at Ottawa's Carleton University. She was a wealth of information and readily answered the many questions posed to her by teachers in attendance.

The director of the Confucius Institute in Waterloo and chair of this workshop, Prof. Yan Li, said she has already received feedback that teachers are planning out how to implement the techniques they learned during the one day workshop.

"It was wonderful to have one hundred teachers of the Chinese language in one room for an opportunity to learn together and from each other," said Li. "Some Chinese schools, as far as Windsor, were sorry that they were unable to attend. Going forward, however, the Confucius Institute is committed to providing more opportunities, like this workshop, for more people in the community. We need to be sure we all have the most current and effective pedagogy, as it relates to Chinese language instruction. It's a group effort."

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