Congratulations to our Award Winners - Convocation June 2022

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Congratulations Award Winners! Graphic of a green graduation hat.

Congratulations to our award winners!

Renison University College is pleased to announce our June 2022 Convocation Award Winners. These awards help to highlight some of our wonderful students, who have left a lasting impression on Renison through their academic achievement and contribution to our community.

Image of Rachel Jones wearing a green shirt. She has long brown hair and is wearing glasses. She is smiling and looking at the camera.

Rachel Jones

winner of the President’s Special Award for Academic Achievement

Rachel Jones is graduating with an Honours degree in Social Development Studies with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies and Psychology, and specialization in Education. Rachel is currently a Peer Leader in the Renison English Language Institute, and teaches English online. She is also an intern with The Stoplight Approach where she develops resources on emotional intelligence and leads trainings for parents and teachers.

Rachel has received a number of previous awards, including the SDS Department Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement, the Renison Continuing Scholarship, and the Yuen-Mei Cheung Chan Scholarship. She plans to apply to the Master of Social Work program next year and pursue a career in Social Work.

Photo of Jenna Chilton. She is smiling at the camera, she has shoulder length brown hair. She is standing in front of a cityscape.

Jenna Chilton

winner of the Social Development Studies Book Prize for Academic Achievement

Jenna Chilton is graduating with an Honours degree in Social Development Studies and Psychology. She also has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Master of Science in Strategic Management from the University of Liverpool. Jenna has been recognized on the Dean’s Honour List and received Term Distinction for every term throughout her degree. She is planning a career as a Psychotherapist, specializing in marriage and family therapy.

Image of Shelby Bolitsky, she is smiling at the camera wearing a black shirt.

Shelby Bolitsky

winner of the President's Merit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Life at Renison

Shelby Bolitsky graduating with a degree in Social Development Studies, with a specialization in Social Work. Shelby has contributed to life at Renison in many ways, including as President of the Renison Academic Student Council, Student rep on the Renison Board of Governors, and as part of the Renison Student Advocacy Advisory Committee. Previously she has received the Town and Gown Entrance Award, Minnie Mae Hanselman Bursary, and the Grad Class Challenge Bursary. Shelby recently began working at Renison as the Marketing, Recruitment, and Student Services Assistant for the Culture and Language Studies Department.

Image of Khloe Henderson. She is smiling at the camera, she has shoulder length blonde hair and is wearing grad robes.

Khloe Henderson

winner of the President's Merit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Life at Renison

Khloe Henderson is graduating with an Honours degree in Social Development Studies with a specialization in Social Work. Khloe has contributed to Renison life as a Renison Don and as Renisix co-president for 2018-19 and 2019-20. In addition to her work at Renison, Khloe was an online volunteer tutor during the pandemic, and has been a volunteer camp counsellor. Khloe has also received a number of awards during her time at Renison, including the John Budden Award, the A.W. Rees Memorial Scholarship, and the Newell Cup (a Renison Residence Don Award). She will begin Teacher’s College at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Fall and plans to become an elementary school teacher.

Image of Pranav Ratra. He is wearing a suit and tie, looking at the camera and smiling.

Pranav Ratra

winner of the Marguerite DuBois Prize for Applied Language Studies

Pranav Ratra is graduating with an Honours degree in Physics and Astronomy, minoring in Earth Sciences and Applied Language Studies (APPLS). During his degree, Pranav was a dedicated volunteer, and participated in the Conversation Partner Program at Renison. Pranav has completed all of the requirements for the Global Experience Certificate, which included (among other things) teaching English to Spanish speakers via video during the summer of 2021.  He plans to pursue graduate studies in Astrophysics, but intends to explore geophysics and linguistics as well.

Image of Craig Fortier. They have short brown hair, a beard and mustache. Craig is wearing a tan shirt and is looking at the camera.

Craig Fortier

winner of the Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Fortier joined Renison in 2016 in the Social Development Studies Department and holds the rank of Associate Professor. Over the past few years, Dr. Fortier has taught sections of ARTS 140, SDS 331R, SDS 441R, and SDS 495R. Dr. Fortier’s teaching is celebrated by faculty colleagues and students alike.

Faculty colleagues noted Dr. Fortier’s ability “to actively engage students through a mix of lecture content … and activities that challenge them to think differently and think beyond, pushing them to use their discontent to envision a different future, individually and collectively.” Dr. Fortier is also committed to assisting other faculty members, with one colleague highlighting, “Their advice and support have contributed to the development of my teaching and mentoring skills and enhanced my sense of belonging in the academic community.”

Student letters highlighted Dr. Fortier’s dedication to student wellbeing and success. One student noted, “Dr. Fortier was willing to work with me to make sure that I not only had my unique learning needs met, but that I was able to engage with both the material and with my fellow students.” Another student was grateful for how Dr. Fortier approached topics of social inequality and social justice: “I valued and appreciated their sensitivity and their ability to encourage the lived experiences of their students without neglecting the academic content and teaching of the course.” One student summarized Dr. Fortier’s merit for this award: “Dr. Fortier has revolutionized what higher education looks like in the best way. They show up for students, earnestly teacher complex concepts with ease, and generate stimulating classroom discussions for all to participate. Dr. Fortier is teaching excellence.”

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