COVID-19 information - updated Friday, September 4 at 12:00 pm

Friday, September 4, 2020

In observance of public health recommendations and in keeping with announcements from the University of Waterloo, the following initiatives are now in place at Renison University College:

Student Urgent Needs (SUN) Bursary

While the SUN Bursary is always available to students with immediate financial need, it is currently being used primarily for COVID-related financial challenges. For more information, or to make a donation to this bursary, please click here:

Residences - Fall term update

Renison University College has made the decision not to open our residence for the Fall term. This was a difficult decision, but one which we believe is in the best interest of our students and staff.

Renison University College plans to be opening its Residence again for the Winter 2021 term. We will provide more details as they become available. For those students interested in residing on campus for the Fall term, please visit University of Waterloo’s Student Housing webpage.

Information regarding Renison’s residences is available through Caroline Blouin, Assistant Director, Housing and Student Life at

Fall Classes

Renison will provide its entire Fall 2020 degree course offerings in a fully online teaching and learning environment. This includes the School of Social Work, Social Development Studies (SDS), and Culture and Language Studies (CLS). This decision was made in careful consultation with faculty and staff, and after receiving considerable input from our students, both current and prospective. We believe that this decision represents the safest approach to the current health crisis, and complies with public health guidelines. Renison has more than two decades of experience and success in offering remote programming to our students; in fact, many of our students complete their entire degrees online. Our faculty are highly skilled in providing a high quality, engaging educational experience through an online environment, and have a great deal of experience in designing and offering online courses. They are able and eager to support you in your studies, and Renison has put in place strong supports to ensure your continued success, including counsellors, peer-leaders, and a very strong team of academic advisors. 

Information regarding Renison’s Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) offerings, including programming run by the English Language Institute (ELI), the Renison Institute of Ministry (RIM), the King Sejong Institute, the Confucius Institute and the Sakura Japanese Language School, will be posted soon. Renison’s Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE) and English For Academic Success (EFAS) programs will be offered this fall in an online format, with the opportunity for some in-person academic supports, when possible.

Work from Home

Employees will continue to work from home until further notice to help support the ongoing functions of the University and academic success for students. 

Access to Renison University College 

Renison University is closed to all students, faculty and staff, with the exception of those students who remain in residence and those staff whose role are critical either to serving those students, or keeping Renison operationally sound.

University of Waterloo Updates

Updates regarding the University of Waterloo's COVID-19 measures can be accessed at

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