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Founders' Day Special Guest

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last living founder of Renison University College back where it all began

Renison University College celebrates 54 years of community and education with annual Founders’ Day

The Ven. Harvey Southcott standing next to Renison College under construction (1962)The last living founder of Renison University College is coming home. The Venerable Harvey Southcott, a retired Anglican Archdeacon, is returning to Renison for the College’s annual celebration of Founders’ Day on April 27, 2013.

Southcott was the visionary for an Anglican college in Waterloo and one of the greatest community proponents of the College’s construction. Founders’ Day commemorates both the efforts of the founders to build the college and the founding of Renison University College.

We are very excited to have a founder of the College with us on Founders’ Day. As we mark more than half a century of Renison’s commitment to community and education, it is a very significant and special occasion to have The Venerable Harvey Southcott join us in celebrating the realization of his vision and all that we have accomplished, subsequently.

 Dr. Glenn Cartwright, principal and vice-chancellor of Renison University College.

Founded in 1959 by the Kitchener-Waterloo Anglican community, Renison College, as it was then called, was originally located at 193 Albert St, directly across the street from Waterloo Lutheran University (now Wilfrid Laurier University).

Renison was the first institution affiliated with the then new University of Waterloo. By 1962, a new building was erected in Renison’s current location on Westmount Road North. This new home for Renison was also the home for 87 resident students and 43 University of Waterloo Liberal Arts students, studying subjects such as History, Philosophy and English at Renison.

Having grown significantly since the 1960s,  Renison University College has added 3 new buildings and is home to 220 resident students. Renison annually offers courses to almost 9000 students in areas of study that include Social Development Studies, Social Work, Religious Studies, Psychology, Studies in Islam, and East Asian Studies.The Ven. Harvey Southcott in front of Renison (2013)

The Ven. Harvey Southcott returns to Renison for Founders' Day. (2013)

The Venerable Harvey Southcott’s return to Renison University College offers the Renison community a welcome chance to rediscover its shared history and heritage while reflecting on 54 years of development and growth.

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