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Message from Chair of Renison's Board of Governors

Friday, June 22, 2018

Renison's Board of Governors thanks President Wendy Fletcher for accomplishments of first term; hopeful President will accept second term

Headshot of The Rev. Canon Matthew Griffin, Chair of the Board of GovernorsA message from The Rev. Canon Matthew Griffin, Chair of the Board of Governors

Earlier this year, the Board of Governors received and approved with pleasure the annual evaluation of Dr. Wendy Fletcher’s superb performance as Renison’s president. Renison’s accomplishments during Dr. Fletcher’s tenure are noteworthy

With her direction, the BASE agreement between Renison and the University of Waterloo has been renegotiated. The academic life of the college has been restructured to provide greater support to researchers and students, with the founding of the new Culture and Language Studies Department. The financial management of our institution has been reorganized, with budgeting now a more transparent and consultative process, allowing for better future planning with help from our new Chief Financial Officer, Hanneke Smolders. Major advancements in Human Resources have resulted in new and clarified policies for faculty and staff, and have contributed to a more equitable situation for pay for faculty members.

Her leadership has seen the hiring of Dr. Kofi Campbell as our new Academic Dean and a significant number of tenure-track faculty. Dr. Fletcher has worked to increase Renison’s internal research support funding, and we are delighted by the accomplishments of the faculty, in their significant publications and achieving external research funding, in their teaching, and in their meaningful contributions to communities with whom their research interacts.

Our non-degree programs have expanded considerably in numbers of students, both in the places from which the students hail. Dr. Fletcher has attended to deepening relationships with partner institutions throughout the world.

Behind the scenes, she has strived to foster the leadership within the Renison community. Her commitment to transparency and equity are helping us to navigate the challenges attendant to the significant growth of the University College—its people, programs, and site—in a short period of time. Our organizational capacity and resilience has developed. We have full confidence that Renison is well positioned to live yet more deeply with her guidance into our mission of providing outstanding opportunities for learning and scholarship through an interactive, inclusive environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, respect for diversity, understanding among people, and service to others.

As she begins her final year of her first term with Renison, the Board of Governors is hopeful that Dr. Fletcher will accept a second term as our president. We have formed a committee to work with her on details of a contract for a second term. We are excited for all that is possible with Dr. Fletcher’s continued leadership.

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