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Personnel updates at Renison

Friday, June 5, 2015

A message from Principal Wendy Fletcher)

I am delighted to share news of several upcoming shifts in our institutional life.

Dr. Geoff McBoyle has agreed to join us at Renison as Special Advisor to the Principal two days a week for the next six months beginning June 1. Dr. McBoyle has a long and prestigious record of service at the University of Waterloo, including serving as Provost unto 2014. In his work as Provost he was a great friend to the affiliated Colleges. We are confident that his wisdom and experience will greatly enhance our capacity to move forward in planning for our institutional future.

Dr. Hsiao D’Ailly, former Chair of the Department of Social Development Studies has agreed, with the departure of our current Chair Dr. Peter Donahue to King’s University College, to take on another three year term as Chair, effective May 1 of this year. We are grateful to her for her willingness to serve Renison in this way and look forward to the continued flourishing of the SDS Department with her leadership.

Dr. Kimie Hara has agreed to serve an additional one year term as Director of East Asian Studies. We look forward to enjoying this next year with her tending this responsibility on our behalf and thank her for her willingness to serve again in this role.

Dr. Jeff Wilson has agreed to serve as Director of the Humanities program unit at Renison for a three year term effective, March 1, 2015. We thank him for his willingness to co-ordinate and advance the work of the diverse humanities teaching at Renison through this work.

Ms. Marilyn Malton has served Renison as our Harassment and Discrimination Officer for the past three years. Her term ends in June. We offer deep gratitude to her for the gracious, just, and committed service she has given to our community in this role. Effective June 15, Dr. Colleen McMillan, current chair of the Harassment and  Discrimination Committee will begin a three year term as our new Harassment and Discrimination Officer. We thank her for her willingness to serve in this important role and are confident she brings much to this work from which we as a community will benefit.

Please join me in welcoming all of these friends and colleagues to their new roles in our community.

Best Regards

Wendy Fletcher, Principal

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