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Renison named “Chartwells Local Hero”

Monday, December 14, 2015

Renison Academic Student Council to be given $1,000 in prize money

Students at Renison University College have been named champions of Chartwells’ “Giving Thanks for Local” competition. Renison beat 25 other schools from all across the province for their work in promoting awareness about the value of local foods. The Renison Academic Student Council (RASC) will receive a $1,000 prize.

Chartwells, the on-campus food partner for Renison, St. Jerome’s University, St. Paul’s University College, and over 45 other campuses nationwide, challenged each of their partners in Canada to build awareness and support for local vendors. Renison took top honours in the Central Canada group.

Mike Masse, Chartwells’ president of food services, said that the contest goals reflect the feedback he receives from the colleges and universities he works with. “Every time I visit a campus and ask, ‘What’s important to you?’, I hear, ‘Local, local, local,’” said Masse.

student on bike

Throughout the month of October, the Renison Student Life Team worked with Chartwells to promote local foods through events and marketing initiatives. Events included making smoothies with local ingredients on the Chartwells Green Energy Bike, student stress release activities with locally grown apples, and the inclusion of locally grown and purchased ingredients in the daily menu.

The announcement came from Chartwells Executive Vice President David Smith, who said that Renison’s student participation set it apart from the other contestants. “What I liked most about Renison’s submission was how many bonus initiatives were implemented in collaboration with student groups on campus.”

Renison’s Director of Student Engagement and Housing, Jeff Newell, said that this reaffirms his belief that Renison students are committed to making a difference. “Our students will rise to the challenge and will reach their goals. I am continually impressed with how they ‘over-deliver’!”

The Chartwells team is set to publically present the winning prize to RASC at College Dinner on January 12, 2016 at Renison. At this event, the team will announce their plans of how they will allocate the funds and what they project for the upcoming semester.


Brittany Robins, Marketing Manager, Chartwells

Kari Pasick Stewart, Marketing and Communications Manager, Renison University College

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