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Community and Professional Education programs

Renison University College (Renison) has a diverse selection of non-credit programs with a focus in language and culture.

Since 1972, the Renison English Language Institute (Renison ELI) has offered high quality English language programs and courses. Renison ELI supports more than 1000 students from 35 countries each year in achieving their academic and professional goals.

Community and Professional Education (CAPE) at Renison has gathered the leading institutes, schools, and programs so you can experience culture, engage in language learning, or explore spirituality through a dynamic selection of events, workshops, courses, and programs. 

English Language Institute programs

As a Renison ELI student, you will receive a unique language learning experience. Your English language classes will engage you in exciting university topics on liberal arts, science, business, and technology. You will meet students from different countries, allowing you to explore and understand new cultures through the use of English. You will also become a part of the student community at the University of Waterloo, one of the world's leading institutions for research, technology, and innovation.

Enhance your resume with language and culture classes

Renison offers a variety of non-credit programs for those looking to take professionally taught, academic courses in a university setting without the requirement of being enrolled at the university. Please see our Community and Professional Education (CAPE) page for more details on courses available right now.

Explore faith, theology and culture

Japanese for kids (ages four to ten)