Parking facilities are limited. The availability of space cannot be guaranteed. Travelling to and from Renison University College (Renison) on foot, by public transportation and in carpools is encouraged.

Parking 101

Parking at Renison comprises two lots with mixed access of monthly rentals for faculty, staff and students, and pay-as-you exit for guests. Accessible parking is available by arrangement in the Upper Lot for a fee; in addition, two accessible spots are designated at the north entrance on a first-come-first-serve basis. Two fifteen minute drop off spots are also available at the north entrance.

Ministry of Transportation accessible permits must be displayed at all times.

The pay-per-exit fee is $7.00.

Payment is available at the exit gate or at Renison Reception in the form of debit or credit cards. Cash payment is not accepted.

All laneways are otherwise designated as fire access and strictly enforced by University of Waterloo Police. If you have been ticketed or towed, contact University of Waterloo Police.

For the protection of Renison students, faculty, and staff, no parking is allowed anytime, anywhere on campus without a valid permit except in designated lots, designated accessible spaces or designated drop off spaces. Vehicles may park only in areas that correspond to their respective parking permits. Special parking arrangements for activities or large groups may be scheduled with the facilities department at Renison.

Overnight Parking

With the exception of Renison residents, overnight parking within the parking lots is not normally permitted. Individuals who require overnight parking are requested to contact Jim Robson, Director of Facilities, via e-mail.

Overnight parking is defined as the time between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.

Contact information

General enquiries: Jim Robson, Director of Facilities

Permits and pay-per-exit ticket validation: May be arranged at Renison Reception in person

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Planning a special event or meeting? Remember parking!


Parking Guidelines

1. Parking lot management is at the purview of Renison. Renison is private property. Renison reserves the right to regulate and manage vehicular traffic on campus.

2. Renison assumes no responsibility for any damage to a motor vehicle or any loss of the vehicle or its contents while it is driven or parked on campus.

3. Parking Services at the University of Waterloo provides monitoring and enforcement services to Renison parking lots for consistency in parking management across the entire campus. Enforcement includes 24 hour, 7 days a week monitoring.

4. Tickets, fines, and subsequent appeals by an employee or visitor at Renison are managed by University of Waterloo Parking Services. Renison does not have a role in the adjudication process of parking infractions or disputes.

5. All faculty, staff and students are responsible for being aware of the regulations pertaining to vehicles at Renison such as permit suspension, vehicular removal, condition, and operation according to the campus wide regulations enforced by University of Waterloo Parking Services. Waterloo endeavours to keep a current copy of the parking regulations available on their website.

6. All roadways on the Renison and Waterloo campus are considered fire routes and are strictly enforced according to City of Waterloo By-Law 78-34(6).

7. Every person who, through operation of a vehicle on campus, causes damage to Renison property shall be responsible for payment of all costs to repair or replacement. The operator of the vehicle must immediately report to a University of Waterloo Police Officer any such damage. Ultimate liability for damages rests with the vehicle owner, regardless of who was operating the vehicle at the time of damage.

8. Overnight parking within Renison parking lots is provided for residents. Non-resident individuals who require overnight parking are requested to email the Director of Facilities prior to parking.

9. All service and contractor vehicle parking and access will be managed by the Director of Facilities. Service vehicles are not exempt from rules governing restricted parking areas or fire routes.

Permit Issuance

1. Eligibility: Permanent and limited term full-time and part-time staff, academic staff, and contract academic staff are eligible to obtain a parking permit, as are residents.

2. Obtaining a permit: All employees who park, or expect to park at Renison, must register any vehicle they operate on campus with Reception at Renison and shall pay, or authorize to have deducted from salary or wages, the applicable parking fees.

3. Only one parking permit will be issued to each permit holder. The permit will be used for parking of only one registered vehicle at any one time.

4. Parking permits must be clearly displayed at all times.

5. No vehicle shall be parked on campus other than in a prescribed parking lot.

Visitor Parking & Accessible Parking

1. Visitor parking is available only in the controlled lots.

2. Visitor parking is for an official visitor of Renison. Students are not eligible for a visitor pass.

3. Visitor passes must be endorsed by and will be charged to the hosting department.

4. Accessible Parking: The visitor parking area includes the availability of limited designated barrier free parking spots. Designated barrier-free parking spaces are for the use of individuals with a valid, official Accessible Parking Permit issued by a Canadian province or American state, or for those individuals who have coordinated temporary accessible parking through the Waterloo’s AccessAbility Office and Renison.

5. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for visitor passes. Due to the limited number of visitor spots, there is no guarantee that same day requests can be honored. Please provide as much advanced notice as possible.

Event Parking

Renison parking lots are reserved for ongoing permit holders and a limited amount of visitors from Monday to Friday. If you are hosting an event on campus and wish to inquire about event parking accommodation options, please contact the Renison Director of Facilities well before your event.

Are you a staff or faculty member expecting a visitor for a meeting? You can request a short-term parking spot and have the gate opened for your guest.