Chaplain (Anglican Priest)

photo of Megan Collings-Moore

The Ven. Megan Collings-Moore, Archdeacon of Waterloo, is an Anglican priest and responsible for the spiritual and pastoral care for the college, as well as the wider university.

Spiritual care includes:

  • offering worship services 
  • acting as a spiritual director 
  • helping students and staff ask faith questions 
  • valuing our spiritual lives 

Pastoral care includes:

  • being a listening ear 
  • a 'safe' person to talk to 
  • supporting people as they live through life's struggles 
  • connecting people to other resources when necessary

Megan spent 8 years in parish ministry before arriving at Renison. Raised as a Quaker, and with roots in the Presbyterian Church, she has been Anglican since her teen years. She loves to talk about faith and God - and enjoys a good debate! As current students know, she likes finding ways to connect popular culture with faith, and thinks there is nothing quite so interesting as people. She is less interested in answers than in questions (after all, as Hitchhikers know, if the answer is '42', well, that's not as interesting as the question) and finds that those who are seeking truth always have interesting conversations...

Megan would love to hear from you. She's usually in the Ministry Centre 
Sunday through Thursday. Take a chance and drop by - or call/email to make an appointment: 519-884-4404 ext. 28604

Check out a series of articles Megan wrote for the national Anglican publication Ministry Matters.

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