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Renison staff and faculty member team receives LITE Grant

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nicole Sanderson (l), Alice Schmidt Hanbidge (c) and Tony Tin (r) hanging out on a smartphoneAlice Schmidt Hanbidge, Tony Tin and Nicole Sanderson are the latest Renison recipients of a Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Grant awarded by the Centre for Teaching Excellence for their collaborative research study entitled, “Information Literacy Skills on the Go: Mobile Learning Innovation.”

The Mobile Information Literacy (MIL) Project, developed at Renison, is a mobile technology, user-friendly and open-access literacy interface available to course instructors and undergraduate students. The objectives of the project are to develop strategies for enhancing student information literacy skills through mobile technology (m-learning) and to re-design the MIL modules to enhance usability and learning. This innovative project will support the development and administration of the MIL Tool and explore the best strategies, from a user perspective, for delivering and accessing information on mobile devices.

In April 2016, the research team presented a paper entitled, “Information Literacy on the Go! Adding Mobile to an Age Old Challenge” at a mobile learning conference hosted in Algarve, Portugal.  The previoussummer, they published a journal article in the IAFOR Journal of Education Technologies & Education Special Edition, entitled, “Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Undergraduate Student Digital Information Literacy Skills: A Canadian Case Study”.

Dr. Hanbidge is an assistant professor in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in the School of Social Work. Her 20-­year social work practice experience includes a specialization in community mental health that contributes to her clinical, teaching, and research social work interests.

Tony Tin is the Director of Library and Information Services at Renison. He is passionate about closing the gap between education and the mobile demands of students who want to access just in time information and learn anytime/anywhere.

Dr. Sanderson is a lecturer in Social Development Studies and teaches courses in adolescence and in sociology of education. She is also is a certified elementary and high school teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers.