Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Social Action Retreat FAQs

What is Renison University College?

Renison University College is an academic institution that is affiliated with the University of Waterloo. Students who study and/or live at Renison are University of Waterloo students, earning a Waterloo degree. Renison is also located right on the Waterloo campus and houses the Social Development Studies (SDS) program and the School of Social Work which offers a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) programs, three minors (Applied Language Studies, East Asian Studies and Studies in Islam) and the English Language Institute. 

In case of an emergency, how can I contact my teen?

We will give you a list of emergency contacts in order for you to be able to reach our team or your teen at any point in the weekend. This includes a 24-hour emergency number which is monitored by the Renison Duty Don. 

Who supervises this event?

Throughout the day, there will be Renison staff, volunteers and Residence Dons supervising the various events. For overnight supervision, each floor will have a Residence Don to ensure everyone's safety and security. Residence Dons receive thorough training and are reliable, responsible upper-year university students.

How will roommates be assigned?

Roommates will be hand-matched for the Youth Social Action Retreat! If you have someone in mind that you would love to room with, each write one another's name on your roommate form or e-mail us at and we will arrange it! 

What will the students be eating?

Students will all eat in our residence cafeteria for each meal that is provided. Renison offers many optionds including our very own pizza oven, ice cream bar, and chocolate milk on tap! If you have dietary preferences or accommodations, please include them in the information form provided after you sign up so we can prepare delicious meals that meet your needs while you stay with us!

What is the drug and alcohol policy?

We have a zero tolerance policy in place for the Social Action Retreat. This means that if you are caught in possession of and/or using alcohol, illegal drugs, and/or prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you, you will be immediately sent home. You will be responsible for any expenses incurred from this expulsion. Please see the Renison University College Guide to Residence Life (pdf).

Can I invite friends over?

No outside guests are allowed at this event. You can certainly invite friends to your room who are already attending the Social Action Retreat, but no outside friends will be allowed.

What happens if I lose my room key?

If you lose or misplace your room key, you will be fined $200. This is because any lost key requires the entire lock system of that residence floor to be replaced for safety. You will be provided with lanyards when you check in. It is recommended that you keep your room key on a lanyard at all times in order to avoid losing it!

Do you have more questions? Contact Lauren Zalewski and we will be happy to provide you with any more information that you need!