Social Development Studies Round Table Series - Cross Cultural Insights From Teaching Chinese Traditional CultureExport this event to calendar

Friday, March 1, 2013 — 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST

With visiting Professor Wang Xiaohua

Dr. Wang will discuss teaching practices for courses in Chinese Traditional Culture, with an ultimate goal to enhance intercultural communication and mutual understanding.

With the goal of initiating dialogue and sharing cross-cultural insights, the presentation will discuss  teaching practices for courses in “Chinese Traditional Culture.” 

Three strategies will be addressed.

Strategy One: The profundity of Chinese Culture is presented using an intercultural approach.  Xiaohua deals with a broad selection of topics to ensure accessibility.  The ultimate goal is to enhance intercultural communication and mutual understanding between East and West. 

Strategy Two: Using only the broad frame of “culture” as a lens Xiaohua will turn to stories and examples, thereby encouraging students to perceive relevant cultural connotations through attentiveness to context. 

Strategy Three: The lecture will address how Chinese cultural traditions can be applied to current issues.  We find in ancient China a number of strategies for politics and warfare.  These same tactics can be beneficially adopted to address severe business competition.  Aggressive business competition is referred to in China as the war in modern society.

Professor Wang Xiaohua is the Chief-secretary of the Zhejiang Confucian Society and Executive Member of the Zhejiang Aesthetics Association of China.  She graduated from the East Normal University in China with a major in Chinese Language and Literature for Foreigners. Her Master’s Degree in Education was completed at Zhejiang University. Currently she is an Associate Professor teaching at the International School and performs research as the vice-director of the Chinese Cultural Theories Center of Zhejiang Gongshang University.  Her research interests include 1) how social backgrounds affect both learning and teaching methods and 2) how to introduce Chinese traditional cultures utilizing a Western point of view.

She has published more than 30 research papers on her research fields and completed two books in 2011: New Concepts of Chinese Culture and Clarifying Confucian Classics. During her staying as a visiting scholar at Grand Valley State University and at University of Waterloo, she is focusing on a forthcoming book titled Criticizing Chinese Traditional Culture in the Western Way.

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