Social Development Studies Equity and Diversity Entrance Scholarship

What is the SDS Equity and Diversity Entrance Scholarship:

While studying Social Development Studies at Renison University College, students explore how human interactions are influenced by individual, collective, and structural forces including mental health, social relationships, economic conditions, education and politics, and movements for social justice and social change. The ultimate aim of those who engage in Social Development Studies is to help people, communities, and nations flourish.

Renison University College values diversity and equity in our student body, and has designed this scholarship to address historical and contemporary injustices that have created barriers to higher education for members of marginalized groups (with priority going to self-identified Indigenous students; Black students; students of colour; LGBTQ+, queer, trans*, and/or Two-Spirit students; and students with disabilities). 


Two $6000 scholarships are available for Fall 2023.

$6000 scholarship awarded in the student’s first year and $1000 in upper-years.

The Scholarship and Awards Committee will renew this award annually provided that the recipient is making satisfactory academic progress in their full-time program.

Application Deadline: May 5, 2023

Apply to the Social Development Studies Equity and Diversity Entrance Scholarship