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About Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures

Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures offers you the opportunity to explore and learn about the diversity of Islam and Muslims through the study of traditional and modern Islamic civilization and culture. Whether your interests lie in literature, language, drama and visual culture, or history, our program has much to offer you. We are an interdisciplinary program which allows our students to bring together knowledge gained across disciplines and learn how to apply it to their own research and in real-life contexts.

Who can take Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures?

Students in any degree program at the University of Waterloo can add a Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures Minor to their university experience. Students not registered in degree studies at Waterloo may pursue the Diploma in Studies in Islamic and Arab Cultures. Our Arabic language program offers a variety of options for non-native speakers interested in learning a new language, whether it be for personal, professional, or academic purposes. You can begin your studies at the beginner or intermediate level after having your Arabic language skills assessed.  You have the opportunity to earn a Level 1 or 2  Arabic Language Diploma