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#RenisonSocialChange- Project2014 students enact change to social work curriculum across Canada

Monday, June 20, 2016

suicide prevention ribbon with a map of CanadaIn an article published Thursday, June 16th in the Waterloo Region Record, Johanna Weidner, wrote about how Renison students have successfully lobbied to have suicide prevention training added to social work curriculum across the country. According to the article, "The Renison University College students spoke about the importance of that specialized training at a recent meeting of the Canadian Association for Social Work Education, where a student-led motion to add it to the curriculum for all schools was passed."

When Renison contacted Natasha Ekelman, one of the students involved in the project that presented at CASWE 2016 for her comments she responded, "Honestly, I am in awe with how much reaction and response the motion has received. Last year I felt like our group accomplished our social change event goal, which was advocating for ASIST training for our BSW cohort at Renison. This year my dream came true; our motion passed so that suicide intervention skills training is to be offered to social work students across Canada."

She added, "Social work as a profession is literally taking giant steps to educate students how to engage in discussion around suicide. Students will enter their practicums and graduate their programs feeling more confident and competent in suicide intervention. This directly benefits our communities. I am proud because as a student I am entering a profession that is beginning to lead the way in breaking down stigma." 

To read the article in The Record you can follow this link...
Waterloo students spur move to add suicide prevention to the social work curriculum - The Record

In an update from the original story, this morning CBC News Kitchener-Waterloo has featured a story in which they interviewed Natasha Ekelman regarding her group's successful proposal.

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