The goal of this project is to provide a rehabilitation and management plan for the preservation and enhancement of environmental functions within the Environmental Reserve.

The purpose of the study is to:

  • Develop a rehabilitation plan for Columbia Lake that encompasses function and ecology
  • Improve the riparian corridor and function of Laurel Creek within the reserve and, as a result, improve conditions downstream of Columbia Lake
  • Improve instream water quality through instream and shoreline rehabilitation
  • Improve instream aquatic habitat
  • Protect wetlands in the reserve area
  • Provide for recreational opportunities in the reserve

These objectives will be met through the framework of a Provincial Class Environmental Assessment process that will also recognize the Federal Environmental Assessment requirements. The study will culminate in the completion of a preliminary design for preferred options that make up the Management Plan for the reserve.plan view of research and technology park and environmental reserve.

Plan of RT Park and Environmental Reserve

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