May 18, 2006 - Accelerator Centre Grand Opening

WATERLOO, Ont. (May 18, 2006) -- A new centre, designed to encourage the growth of high-tech firms and to act as a catalyst for the creation of new products and services, is officially opening today at the University of Waterloo (UW) Research + Technology Park. Officials with the Waterloo Research + Technology Park Accelerator hosted the grand opening of the Accelerator Centre.

The Accelerator Centre provides a fertile environment in which to commercialize the innovative work of universities and colleges, hospitals and laboratories, and private sector research facilities. It will focus on early-stage technology enterprise issues and promising technology companies.

The centre will offer a broad range of services, including intellectual property management consultation, mentoring, access to professional service providers, community networking events and investor matchmaking. Common supports, including administrative services as well as office and meeting space, will be available to clients as they commercialize their ideas.

"The Accelerator Centre exists to provide new ventures with two supports crucial to their viability," said Gerry Sullivan, chief executive officer of the Accelerator Centre. "The first is a physical space in which to operate, complete with the standard office amenities. More important to the success of new ventures, however, is the access to industry experts who can help direct budding entrepreneurs through the process for launching a technology enterprise." ...Read more about the Accelerator Centre Grand Opening.

Accelerator Centre Grand Opening

Dignitaries at the Grand Opening of the Accelerator Centre sitting in the front row.

Gerry Thompson, Chair of the Board, Accelerator Centre.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - David Johnston, Cora, etc.

Grand Opening Accelerator Centre

For more information, please contact:

Gerry Sullivan, Accelerator Centre CEO, 519-342-2400

Bobbi Holte, Accelerator Centre, 519-342-2401

Michael Strickland, UW media relations, 519-888-4777

John Morris, UW media relations, 519-888-4435

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