Open Text I

112,000 sq. ft.

OpenText 1

Open Text Building II with Water and Geese

Open Text II

110,000 sq. ft

Open Text Building 1 with Soccer Field and Canadian Geese OpenText 2

Research Advancement Centre I

65,000 sq. ft.

RAC I with sign and Entrance RAC I from street

Research Advancement Centre II

68,000 sq. ft

RAC II with grass RAC II with grass and entrance

Accelerator Centre

Building: 100,000 sq. ft. Accelerator Centre: 21,000 sq. ft.

 Accelerator Center with Parking Lot and Sign Accelerator Centre


105,000 sq. ft.



102,000 sq. ft.

AGFA building Street View with Signage

AGFA Healthcare Building

Toby Jenkins Applied Health Research Building

60,000 sq ft

TechTown with Signage TechTown front entrance with parking lot


100,000 sq. ft.

RIM InnoTech Building with Parking Lot Innotech Building

Building 10 - Centre for Sustainable Excellence - Evolv 1

100,000 sq. ft.

Coming soon

Building Interior Building Interior

Building 11 - Evolv 2

80,000 sq. ft.

Coming soon

Building 12 - Amenities Complex

Coming soon

Amenities Complex Amenities Complex

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