People collaborating around a tableThe University of Waterloo is recognized as one of the most innovative universities in North America and has earned that reputation by aggressively supporting research in all its forms. The tenants have access to a multi-disciplinary team of faculty, a leadership team of alumni as well as the more than 17,600 co-operative education students. These access teams provide unique competitive advantages both for the park and its tenants.

The access teams of the R+T Park provide unprecedented access to the talent of the university community. Their goal is straightforward: to help the park's tenants achieve exceptional research results.  To do so, the park has a carefully constructed strategy.

The university and the R+T Park understand that the best way to help innovators create radical advances is to give them the best possible access to talent.  This means talent of every kind - talent with many different perspectives. This means talented persons who want to help others - talent with passion that knows where other talent can be found. Only in this way can the intellectual power of the university be harnessed.

Moreover, talent is found far beyond the physical confines of the university campus. The University of Waterloo alumni - more than 182,000 - work in most of the major industries and companies of the world.  The range of their experience is vast, and all of it is potentially available to the park tenants.

Finally, the R+T park will actively help the tenants discover the best of the University of Waterloo's extraordinary co-op students - from a pool of more than 17,600.

Each member of the faculty and alumni access teams welcomes inquiries from the park's tenants, and is committed to responding expeditiously and providing further referrals, as necessary.

These access teams provide unique competitive advantages both for the park and its tenants.

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