The faculty access team is comprised of selected University of Waterloo faculty who have volunteered to assist the Research Park’s tenants across the full range of the university’s expertise. The faculty access team will offer the Research Park’s tenants an unprecedented degree of access to the talent of the university community.

Given the depth and diversity of the expert knowledge at the University of Waterloo, the faculty access team well understands that the Research Park’s tenants might find it difficult to locate the skill they need without the team’s facilitation. Indeed, the range of talent is so vast that no one person could either describe or identify it comprehensively. However, with more than 60 members representing every major academic unit of the university and every professorial rank, the faculty access team can reach into almost every aspect of the university’s research activity. As the faculty access team continues to develop, the university is determined to offer the Research Park’s tenants access that is the best available, without exception.

The faculty access team can assist the tenants in several key ways. Primarily, they can offer their domain knowledge and expertise. But equally important, the team members are prepared to refer tenants to those who might best assist them in any particular line of research investigation.

One of the most important features of the faculty access team is its ability to facilitate multi-disciplinary research. It is well established that such collaborative work produces the most significant and high impact research innovations. The team members can help the tenants access the inter-disciplinary links already on campus. And they can help forge new links at the tenant’s initiative. It is for this reason that all the major academic units of the university are represented on the team. The university already, for example, conducts research in digital media, health applications, geographic information systems and financial management software with collaboration spanning faculties and departments.

In effect, the team member is ready to answer two basic questions: what do we know and who knows it.

The faculty access team was created as a direct expression of the university’s abiding commitment to help the Research Park’s tenants achieve success in their research endeavours, no matter how ambitious. Indeed, the Research Park itself was established solely to extend the university’s core purposes: to conduct research to advance humanity’s understanding and to teach those who wish to learn.

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