Tom Jenkins, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Open Text

Open Text's roots began with the University of Waterloo and today we’re cementing those roots with a new home for our headquarters. Our new facility will give us room to grow locally and provide a great foundation as we continue to extend our reach around the world.

Terry Stepien, President, iAnywhere Solutions

iAnywhere’s history goes back more than twenty years. The company has maintained its close ties with the University and local community over the years. In fact, over ninety percent of the software developers in iAnywhere’s Waterloo offices attended the University of Waterloo and many of its employees started as co-op students.

The Research and Technology Park is the best possible environment for us. It represents the opportunity to build a virtual team – with members from both industry and academics – that will strengthen our leadership in driving the mobile and wireless revolution.

**iAnywhere was acquired by SAP

Gerry Thompson

The University of Waterloo Research and Technology Park will serve both as a flagship and as a point of synergy for technological creativity and commercialization. It will become a North American "brand" for excellence in innovation.

Riaz Ahmed, Candidate for Bachelor of Arts, Honours Economics, Finance Specialization

It’s great to see that the University is making an investment in the students, the faculty, the region of Waterloo and in our collective future economic well-being. As a student, I’m excited about the many career and entrepreneurial opportunities the Research Park will provide me, especially knowing that this hub of innovation and employment will be right on campus.

Larry Smith, Economics Professor, University of Waterloo

The Research Park is what the University of Waterloo has been since its beginning - a trail-blazing innovator.

Brian Vink, Vice President and General Manager, Sybase's iAnywhere Solutions

We also are looking to build a community of high-tech resources to attract other talent from across the province, across the country to this area and really make Waterloo on the map as an area of technology excellence.

Lynn Woolstencroft, former Mayor of Waterloo

This R&T Park embodies the knowledge economy. It’s about creating, nurturing and maintaining the synergy one finds in a place that encourages pragmatic dreaming.

Ken Seiling, Regional Chair, Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario

We see this not as a traditional municipal industrial park, but something that builds on a lot of initiatives in this community, a lot of entrepreneuralship, a lot of scientific background that flows out of the community.

Peter Schwartz, Chairman and CEO, Descartes Inc.

We would urge the continuing support, certainly of the University and also of the local officials, but also at the federal and provincial levels in order to invest in this little hot spot in Canada that we know in the years to come will become a city on the map of the world.

Waterloo is emerging as one of the four most technological centres for innovation worldwide. We owe part of that to the fact that the University of Waterloo is located right here down the road, a world class facility that has provided us with a substantial number of graduates and research partnership opportunities.

Dr. David Johnston, former President, University of Waterloo

As we look at this idea of a North Campus R&D Park, I think back to that dream and idea back in 1957 and I see us with another important partnership, community lead endeavour which will enhance the lives of all our citizens for years and years to come.

Jim Balsillie, Chair and Co-CEO, Research In Motion

This whole opportunity to expand or develop the tech park in Waterloo is a very attractive decision if you want to grow and to be a cluster……. Waterloo is really targeted as the next comer after Ottawa and Toronto.

The R+T Park received the Excellence in Economic Development Award


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