The conceptual site plan for the David Johnston Research + Technology Park is rooted in the site’s physical setting and surroundings. The concept also addresses the dual design challenges of drawing people into the site from the surrounding streets, particularly Columbia Street, through strong urban design, while embracing the natural environment and responding to it in a more informal way. Buildings and streetscape will be designed to create a sense of identity through treatment of architectural feature, form, massing, scale, site layout, landscaping, signage and orientation.

Excerpt from the City of Waterloo zoning by-law 1418

Section 13

13 “BI” universities

13.1 No person shall erect, alter, enlarge, or use any building or structure in whole or in part nor use any lands in whole or in part within the “Universities” zone for any purpose other than one or more of the following uses:

13.1.1. University and affiliated or Federated Colleges and uses associated with or required to service a university or college and without restricting the generality of the foregoing a bank, a variety store, restaurant, barber shop and other similar commercial uses required to service a university or college.

13.1.2 Student Residences

13.1.3 Indoor and Outdoor Recreational facilities associated with a university or college

13.1.4 A research and development facility associated with the University of Waterloo and which may include manufacturing as a use related to the research and development facility, on lands leased by the University of Waterloo to a second party, provided that: A minimum of 2 and one-half (2.5) parking spaces are provided for every one hundred square metres of building floor area Any outdoor storage area shall be screened from view so that it is not visible from adjacent public streets or residential uses

13.2 Notwithstanding any other provision in By-law No. 1418 more than one (1) main building and accessory building shall be permitted on nay lot in this zone.

13.3 Deleted

13.4 Off-Street Parking

13.4.1 There shall be one (1) parking space provided for every two (2) persons employed full-time by the university or college plus one (1) parking space for every ten (10) students enrolled full-time

13.5 The following regulations shall apply in respect to building clearances from public streets and abutting property:

13.5.1 “A Building Line Setback”- no building or part of a building shall be less than ten-point-five metres (10.5 m) from any public street or highway “Yard adjacent to an abutting property boundary other than the building line setback”- No building or part of a building shall have a yard abutting a property boundary of less than fifteen metres (15m)

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