R + T Park – Slo-Pitch League Rules

The rules below are in addition to Slo-Pitch Ontario Rules (SPO) and further description of game play and applicable rules can be found here http://slopitch.org/ . Should any discrepancies on rules arise that can’t be sorted out between the team captains please discuss with the league conveners Julia Schel (jschel@opentext.com) or John Vleeming (john.vleeming@stantec.com) . Keep in mind that fair play and sportsmanship should be the top priority for the participants of this league.

  1. Any conflict not covered in the rules or differences in interpretation must be resolved between the two captains.
  2. A team can field a maximum of 10 players or a minimum of 8 players.  If there are 7 or less, the game will be defaulted.
  3. A team must field a minimum of 3 of either gender to a maximum of 7.  If a team only has the minimum 8 members, the opposing team MUST supply a catcher strictly to return the ball to the pitcher and cannot participate in the defensive play.  A team may play with only 2 of one gender but will take an automatic out when the vacant 3rd spot is scheduled to bat.  That team may also only play 9 players on defense and will not use a rover.
  4. A player arriving late may be added to the lineup at any point during the game and must be inserted at the bottom of the lineup in the batting order.
  5. The batting order does not require alternating between males and females. Order to be set at the beginning of the game and players can be added at the bottom of the order if they come late
  6. It will be the league’s responsibility to reschedule any postponed games due to weather.  Both teams will be notified of the new date and time.
  7. The league does not condone any actions by teams or individuals deemed to be in the disinterest of fair play and/or in conflict with the basis of the foundation of the league as a recreational vehicle for the playing of organized slo-pitch. Players, coaches, managers or other team members shall not make disparaging or insulting remarks to or about opposing players, officials or spectators, or commit other acts that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.   The penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct will be determined by the league executive (with ejection from the league a high possibility).
  8. The league will supply and set up home plate. 1st base (safety bag), 2nd, and 3rd base, mark the scoring line and pitching “rubber”. Home team is to supply a new league supplied ball.
  9. Home plate shall be a wooden board measuring 2 feet by 3 feet and in good condition without any signs of major damage or significant chips.  Holes cut for transportation should not be any bigger than a 12in standard ball.
  10. Distances between the bases must be 65 feet.  Distance from Home to 2nd Base is 91’11” (or 92’).
  11. A suicide line, if not already provided, must be drawn approximately 2/3 of the way between 3rd base and home plate.  Once a runner has crossed this line, he/she is committed to go home, creating a force play at home.  Tags are not permitted between home plate and the suicide line; otherwise the base runner is safe.
  12. A line will be drawn from the back of home plate to the edge of the backstop, a continuation of the 1st base line.  The run will be scored when the foot of the runner makes contact with the ground on or past the plane of the scoring line.  The runner will be OUT if they touch home plate.
  13. The pitcher must pitch from a distance of 50-60 feet.
  15. BATS: Approved softball bats with a BPF of 1.20 or less, please refer to the Slo-Pitch Ontario web site (www.spo.org) for a list of approved bats
  16. Outfielders may not enter the infield gravel until after a ball is hit into play.
  17. All games are 1 hour long, a timer will be set once the first pitch is thrown and when the hour is up the game is decided.
  18. Game times are 12:00p.m. A 10-minute grace period is allowed to meet minimum roster requirements.
  19. In order to keep pace of the game at an acceptable level, there will be no infield warm-up permitted, except for the 1st inning.
  20. There is a 5 run limit per inning.
  21. Sliding IS PERMITTED with the exception of Home Plate.
  22. A foul ball on the 3rd strike is an automatic strikeout.
  23. Pitches must be between 6 feet and 10 feet high.
  24. There are no leadoffs permitted before the batter hits the ball.  One warning will be given per team per game and any leadoffs after the warning will then be an automatic out.
  26. The use of the orange safety bag by the batter shall only be mandatory when the play includes a throw to 1st base.  Use of the orange safety bag by the 1st basemen is prohibited at all times.  Any violation by the 1st basemen results in the batter being safe and a violation by the batter results in the batter being out.
  27. No courtesy runners will be allowed. If the player gets on base they can run fast, slow or otherwise and should get a chance.
  28. As for injury runners, there will be a runner from the fence, last out same gender. There is no limit on this.
  29. Ground Rule Double:  If the ball rolls under/through or bounces over the football field fencing without being touched, then it’s a ground ruled double; otherwise, it’s a home run.

Game Play Points

  • 4 points for a win.
  • 2 point each for a draw.

Forfeit Points

In the event of a forfeit, the non-offending team will receive 4 points for a win.

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