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Ideas start at the University of Waterloo, and the Office of Research helps convert ideas into opportunity.

The Office of Research is the university's central point connecting scientists on campus or those associated with Waterloo to opportunities for funding and a variety of services, including commercialization. Office of Research staff support researchers through the many phases of research including ethics review and managing funds.

Research is an integral and intensive area at Waterloo. In 2018-2019, Waterloo attracted more than $258 million from public and private sources to fund research across a spectrum of challenges. Waterloo's strength in research excellence is supported by partnerships with industry, creating opportunities that generate new knowledge and further Canada's economy.

  1. Mar. 3, 2021Have you disclosed your IP?

    The Electronic IP Disclosure Form is an annual requirement for faculty members and it’s important that it is completed by March 31, 2021.

  2. Feb. 22, 2021Science researcher awarded grant to study COVID-19 immunity within Waterloo community

    While many university classes across Canada are being held online, some programs require in-person learning and access to on-campus and off-campus research and learning facilities. This increases the risk of exposure for students, faculty and staff to SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

  3. Feb. 18, 2021Happy Chinese New Year

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  1. Mar. 8, 2021Inclusive Research and Innovation

    Presented by Ontario Research and Commercialization Alliance (ORCA) on International Women's day.  

    Celebrate International Women’s Day with speakers and panel members as they share their knowledge and expertise on how we can incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion practices when building research and innovation teams.

    The event consists of an introduction from the event MC and two panels centered around EDI. 

    How equity diversity and inclusion support innovation:

  2. Mar. 15, 2021Towards Reconciliation: 10 Calls to Action for Natural Scientists

    In our upcoming virtual event, we will discuss 10 Calls to Action to natural scientists to enable reconciliation in their work. The authors have witnessed examples where natural scientists treat Indigenous communities with blatant disrespect or with ignorance of Indigenous rights.

  3. Mar. 24 to 25, 2021University of Waterloo Virtual Conference on Aging, COVID-19 and the Adoption of Health Technology
    University of Waterloo Virtual Conference on Aging, COVID-19 and the Adoption of Health Technology.

    This free virtual event takes place over two afternoons and examines the promise and limits of technology to promote successful longevity by featuring a diverse group of leaders. Speakers include aging and technology researchers, clinicians and frontline workers, members of advocacy groups, policymakers, technology officers from industry and visionaries that have implemented innovative models for supporting older adults.

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