Creating a stimulating and vibrant work environment with diversity of thought and experience is necessary for Waterloo to reach its full potential as an institution in an ever-changing world. To enhance access and opportunities for all qualified candidates during the nomination process and throughout the term of a CRC, a Steering Committee and five sub-committees have been formed (see Governance) to develop Waterloo’s CRC Equity Action Plan.

The Steering Committee will accomplish the following:

  • review every aspect of Waterloo’s internal CRC process diligently, making recommendations to remove obstacles for individuals within the FDG (Recommendations will apply throughout the full life cycle of a Chair. The official plan will be released in December 2017),
  • Create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Aligned with the wanted outcome, Realistic, and Timely) objectives so that yearly progress on equity efforts can be tracked within the CRC Program,
  • engage members of the University community, in future years, to evaluate efforts and use feedback to make the CRC Program and Waterloo as inclusive as possible, and
  • report progress on meeting equity targets annually.

The success of diversity efforts hinge on creating a sense of ownership throughout the University. Senior leaders are fully engaged in meeting institutional equity targets and will continue to drive efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive environment, with a goal of broadening efforts within the CRC program to other areas on campus.

The University of Waterloo is deeply committed to developing and implementing a realistic yet ambitious equity strategy that will drive change within the CRC program, and also serve to improve the entire campus community. The commitment and readiness to develop a comprehensive equity strategy is fully championed by the most senior leaders at Waterloo and well supported at grassroots levels. The equity strategy is a timely endeavor that reflects Waterloo’s core values and serves to advance Canada’s research competitiveness. – Diana Parry, Associate Vice-President Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion

Date modified: October 2017

Steering Committee

John Thompson (Steering Committee Chair), Associate Vice-President, University Research

Andrew Barker, Director, Institutional Research, Office of Research

Raouf Boutaba, Associate Dean of Research, Math, Professor, School of Computer Science

Jennifer Clapp, Tier 1 CRC, Professor, School of Environment, Resources, and Sustainability

Mahejabeen Ebrahim, Director of Equity, Equity Office

Stephanie Filsinger, Senior Manager, Institutional Research, Office of Research

Sarah Lau, Grants and Contracts Manager, Institutional Research, Office of Research

Diana Parry, Associate Vice-President, Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion, Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Manoj Sachdev, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Richard Staines, Associate Dean of Research, Applied Health Sciences, Professor, Kinesiology,

Bryan Tolson, President, Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo, Civil and Environmental Engineering