As part of Waterloo’s CRC Equity Action Plan, the University has formed a Steering Committee and a number of sub-committees to examine how the CRC program is currently managed, and to put forward recommendations to improve equity, diversity, and inclusivity for Chairholders, including those from the FDG. The roles and responsibilities of the parties involved are described below.

Group Responsibilities
  • seek input from relevant stakeholders to develop recommendations for specific areas of the Action Plan
  • submit recommendations to the Steering Committee
Steering Committee
  • discuss/review/revise recommendations
  • submit recommendations to the Vice-President, Research and International (VPRI)
  • recommendations to be provided under oversight of VPRI to Deans
  • discuss/review/revise recommendations
Vice-President, Research & International, & Vice-President, Academic & Provost
  • discuss/review/revise/finalize the recommendations and submit to the President
  • give final approval of recommendations
Supporting departments:
  • Office of Research
  • Human Resources
  • Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion Office (which includes the Equity Office, Conflict Management and Human Rights Office, and the Sexual Violence Response Co-ordinator)
  • other relevant offices
  • prepare the final Equity action plan
  • develop Waterloo’s public accountability website
  • implement the final recommendations
  • monitor progress toward meeting equity goals
  • create a yearly progress report on our efforts to create an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all Chairholders, including those from the FDG, and the entire university community

The final CRC Equity Action Plan report will be posted and updated annually.

Date modified: October 2017