myResearch is a web-based, comprehensive research management, networking, and expertise discovery system that will be available for researchers and research administrative staff in 2020.

myResearch is currently being tested using CVs from faculty members from across all faculties on campus to:

  • Paper airplane.ensure accuracy and completeness of data such as publications, researcher information, affiliations, etc. using researchers’ CVs and
  • gather valuable feedback from researchers to determine any problem areas and make improvements.

Faculty members who would like to have their profile created on myResearch can send their CV to

myResearch offers an intuitive approach for measuring research output through bibliometrics, which offers a useful approach for measuring some aspects of research output. The Bibliometrics White Paper was developed to offer recommended practices for using bibliometrics and acts as a guiding principle to measure research output across the University.

How is myResearch different from previous systems?

myResearch will:

  • create rich researcher profiles that are discoverable online,
  • provide funding opportunities with notifications for deadlines and relevant opportunities,
  • enable in-depth reporting and analytics of publications, research outputs, and citation data,
  • integrate with the Canadian Common CV website, and
  • offer a streamlined, electronic Office of Research cover sheet for more convenient and faster signature approvals.

How will myResearch help you?

myResearch will:

  • save time and increase data accuracy through validated publication imports from many online sources,
  • showcase accomplishments, increasing visibility within the research community,
  • encourage collaboration by promoting research activities and expertise,
  • compile a complete view of research outputs from a variety of external sources, and
  • integrate with internal systems, such as OFIS and UW Scholar, to reduce administrative burden.

Advisory Committee:

Sarah Burch
Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, Environment

Ian Goldberg
Professor and University Research Chair, Computer Science 

Brendan McConkey
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor, Biology 

Bruce Muirhead
Professor, History
Associate Vice-President, External Research

Richard Staines
Professor, Department of Kinesiology
Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

​Alexander Wong
Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, Engineering

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