Policy 73: Have you disclosed your IP?

A combination of world-class research combined with the unique "creator-own" Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Policy #73 fosters an entrepreneurial environment that drives innovations from the lab to the marketplace.

In addition, development and commercialization of IP is increasingly used as a metric by governments and international agencies in the assessment and ranking of universities.

To ensure that Waterloo researchers are reaping the full benefit of the University’s strength in innovation, entrepreneurship, and IP creation and commercialization, it’s important for faculty members to complete the Intellectual Property and Commercialization Activity Disclosure form.

The web-based form:

  • provides a centralized system to capture IP and commercialization activity
  • improves reporting of holdings/activity which ultimately impact Waterloo’s rankings and reputation
  • is concise and easy-to-use

Reporting IP is a year round activity. Researchers are required to report their IP, even if they don't have any. 

How many faculty have completed the IP Disclosure form?

Policy 73 pie chart