UW/SSHRC Travel Grant Outline

Program name: UW/SSHRC Travel Grant
Eligibility: Applicants must be tenured or tenure-track SSHRC-eligible faculty who have applied for, or who indicate their intention to apply for, external SSHRC funding. Faculty with a 3-year limited-term appointment will be given consideration to apply so long as they have the support of their Department Chair/School Director and Faculty Dean.
For full details, read the UW/SSHRC Travel Grant page.
Industry partner: Not required
Program deadline: April 30
Awarded: Decisions will be emailed by June 30
Destination Area Maximum Allocation
North America Up to $800.00
Europe, Middle East, South America Up to $1400.00
Africa, Australia, and Asia (India, Pacific Rim)  Up to $2200.00
Length of project: One University of Waterloo fiscal year (May 1 to April 30)
Program submission instructions: Instructions can be found on the UW/SSHRC Travel Grant page.
Office of Research application procedure:

Submit 2 documents:

  1. Office of Research Cover Sheet
    1. Please submit the cover sheet in hardcopy (only), with appropriate signatures, to the Secretary, UW/SSHRC Grants Committee in the Office of Research
  2. One electronic copy (PDF) of the application form and all supporting documents. The single PDF file containing all documents (except the cover sheet) should be submitted via e-mail to the Secretary, UW/SSHRC Grants Committee. All files must be combined into one PDF; applications not presented in this format will be rejected
    1. Application form (Adobe Reader is most compatible)
    2. Confirmation of invitation or acceptance of paper
    3. Information on sponsoring organization (only required if no link to conference website is available)
    4. SSHRC CV (with research contributions) or Canadian Common CV
    5. UW/SSHRC Seed Grant, UW/HSS Endowment and/or 4A Award Final Reports from the last 5 years (if applicable)
Office of Research contacts: Secretary of the UW/SSHRC Grants Committee