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Application Process

7 steps for submitting an application

1. Prepare your application by reading the following:

2. Review the requirements for coordinated ethics review with:

3. Sign-in to complete the online application form

4. Create your recruitment, information-consent, and feedback materials

5. Complete the necessary appendices

6. Ensure your application is complete

7. Submit your application for review

  • Print and sign the application form.
  • Forward one copy along with all supporting materials and appendices to the Office of Research Ethics.
  • The ethics review process will begin when the application has been submitted on-line and the paper copy is received.
  • A determination will be made, upon receipt of the application, if the research can be reviewed by delegated review or must be reviewed by one of the two Research Ethics Committees.
  • All research with humans must undergo prior ethics review and clearance before any recruitment of study participants begins. This requirement applies to:
    • Research being conducted on- or off-campus,
    • Grant-funded or unfunded research, and
    • Invasive or non-invasive procedures.

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