The following list is organized alphabetically by topic. Scroll through the list and click on the link to view samples.

Behavioural and neuroscience research

Behavioural neuroscience research (DOC)

Behavioural study involving fMRI scanning (DOC)

Psychology behaviour study (DOC)

Bio-mechanical and physiological research

Bio-mechanics research (DOC)

Bio-mechanics and ergonomic research (DOC)

Non-invasive physiological research (DOC)

Non-invasive physiological assessments and medical screening (DOC)

Physiological assessments (DOC)

Procedures involving supplement ingestion and blood draw (DOC)

Clinical trial

Clinical trial involving an exercise program (DOC)

Course projects

Anonymous survey (DOC)

Survey (DOC)

Interview letter from course instructor (DOC)

Interview letter from student (DOC)

Letter from course instructor for assigned projects (DOC)

Deception research

In-lab debriefing letter and post-debriefing consent form (DOC)

In-lab debriefing verbal script to be used with debriefing letter (DOC)

Online post-study information sheet and consent form (DOC)

Focus groups or group interviews

Focus group (DOC)


Door-to-door interview (DOC)

Interview (DOC)

Oral consent scripts and logs - from McMaster University

Oral research (DOC)

Interactive design and bio-mechanical modeling research

Human system engineering research (DOC)

Interactive design study for phase 1 with interviews and observation (DOC)

Interactive design study for phase 2 involving evaluation of prototype (DOC)

Bio-mechanical modeling study (DOC)

Interview for interactive design study (DOC)


Mail-out survey (DOC)

Web survey (DOC)

Survey and interview combined

Survey and interview (DOC)

Survey and interview with attribution (DOC)

Studies with children

Assent letter for children (DOC)

Parent letter with child in school system (DOC)

Parent letter for research involving both parent and child not in school system (DOC)

Youth letter and assent form not in school system (DOC)

Parent letter for child in daycare or pre-school (DOC)

Teaching and education research of course tools or objects

Anonymous evaluation of course object (DOC)

Course object evaluation involving audio- and video-recording (DOC)

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