Taking the guesswork out of motorsport racing

Andrew Hall has two passions – racing and entrepreneurship.

As a recent systems design engineering grad, he’s combined both by developing a new timing and strategy software tool that tracks and analyzes race performance and conditions so informed and strategic decisions can be made easily while racing.

HH Timing analyzes factors like lap times, weather, car balance, tire wear, and competitor’s positions, and feeds this information to the race team in real time. This broad and immediate analysis allows the team to make informed decisions to improve performance.

“HH Timing software uses machine learning to analyze all sorts of data and provide recommendations to the race team in real time, when it matters the most,” says Hall. “It’s next to impossible for humans to do this type of immediate analysis so they need a little help to draw meaningful correlations from data such as competitor performance, ambient conditions, tire pressure, driver condition, and so on.”

Dunlop engineer uses HH Timing during the 6 Hours of Spa in Belgium

A Dunlop Motorsport engineer uses HH Timing during the 6 Hours of Spa race in Belgium. 

Hall developed HH Timing while finishing his PhD at Waterloo and launched HH Development Ltd. after graduating. A $60,000 AC JumpStart – University of Waterloo award assisted him with the research, development, and marketing needed to grow HH Timing. Funded by FedDev Ontario and the University of Waterloo, AC JumpStart is delivered through the Accelerator Centre and provides early stage technology startups with the seed capital, mentorship, and market-readiness tools needed to build a business in today’s knowledge economy.

Currently HH Timing is used by almost 20 teams in World Endurance Championship races around the world, including 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of Daytona, and FIA Formula One World Championship circuits. High-profile automotive companies use HH Timing to assist their racing teams and increase their competitive advantage.

HH Development staff worked closely with Dunlop Motorsport to develop a custom tire inventory and management program so Dunlop can keep track of the 5,000 to 10,000 tires in its inventory at world championship races. HH Development’s unique software tracks and manages each individual tire, including when each one is picked up and returned, which is critical to maintaining the integrity of the trade-secret tire technology.

“Our focus for the immediate future is on our customers, providing them with the support they need, and continuing to develop our software products by adding new features,” says Hall. “We’ve met some major milestones this past year including growing our team and pushing ourselves to create custom products that we know will make us stronger moving forward.”