A safer and greener future with fiber optic sensors

To optimize the oil production process in conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells, the pressure and temperature need to be monitored continuously. Pipelines also need to be carefully monitored for structural health and leakage to prevent explosions and environmental contamination.

AOMS Technologies, a Waterloo spinoff company, is developing an all-in-one fiber optic measurement system based mainly on the concept of selective coating of fiber optic sensors for multi-parameter and multi-point sensing. Fiber optic sensors, which are based solely on light, exhibit no electromagnetic interference which leads to higher accuracy, higher reliability, and lower cost by sensing multiple parameters simultaneously.

These fiber optic sensors could change the way assets such as high power transmission lines, power generation plants, and water reservoirs are monitored. By mounting an AOMS Technologies fiber optic sensor in watersheds, various factors including pressure, temperature, and chemical contaminants can be monitored in real time. These sensors can also be used to monitor electrical leakage current in high-voltage transmission lines.

Working closely with Waterloo Professor Ehsan Toyserkani and industry partners, the fiber optic specialists at AOMS Technologies have been refining their sensing systems for these applications. 2013 marked a success for AOMS on the path to commercialization as the team received one of 10 OCE-CYBF Commercialization Fellowships. This, along with the services of the Waterloo Commercialization Office, will allow AOMS to grow the business and bring the fiber optic sensors to market.

AOMS all-in-one fiber optic measurement system

AOMS Technologies fiber optic sensors