The Waterloo Commercialization Office (WatCo) provides commercialization services to the campus community to facilitate the process of moving innovations from the lab to the marketplace. For technology innovations with high commercial potential, WatCo supports entrepreneurial minded innovators as they create startup companies.

WatCo’s support includes creating companies and securing the necessary management talent and seed-level investment, as well as offering startup grants to recent Waterloo graduates enabling them to independently start a business venture.

Some of WatCo’s entrepreneurial successes include:

Zhou Wang with studentResearch by electrical and computer engineering professor, Zhou Wang, and the subsequent commercialization of two technologies led to the startup SSIMWave.


AOMS Technology foundersStudent founders of startup AOMS Technologies have collaborated with faculty and industry partners to develop an all-in-one fiber optic sensor which could change the way high power assets are monitored.


Technical drawing of the NERv biochip A Waterloo alumnus and student have developed a biochip that could revolutionize the postsurgical-care market and potentially save lives with the help of a WatCo-supported entrepreneurship program.