Preparing for retirement/Things you should know as a new retiree

The University of Waterloo Retirees Association (UWRA) has compiled a list of websites to assist UW employees in preparing for retirement and information that may be of interest to retirees.  This list will be updated with new information as available.


Canada Pension Plan

Old Age Security

UW Pension Plan

Income Tax

Revenue Canada FAQs - rates, income tax returns, schedules, guide

UW – Human Resources – How to access your online T4/T4A for tax reporting

Estate Planning

UW Retiree Benefits

Life Insurance, Extended Health, Retiree Benefit maxima, Pensioner’s Benefits Bulletin, Out-of-country coverage, Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB), How to make a claim, Working beyond age 65

Privileges for UW Retirees

Parking, Physical Activities Centre( PAC) membership, Library, Email


 Region of Waterloo

Region of Waterloo - Long-term care and Finding Affordable Housing Information

UWRA – Home Care and Housing Options for Seniors


Health Care

Region of Waterloo – Older Adult Health

Health Insurance

Ontario Health Insurance Plan

Health and Dental Insurance

Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTOERO)

Canada Life


CAA Health and Dental

Ontario Blue Cross


SUREHEALTH – Green Shield Canada

Mental Wellness

Region of Waterloo – Mental Wellness


Living Well with Dementia – Health Care, Support, Planning ahead - Powers of Attorney, Living Wills

Region of Waterloo – Dementia Services

Physical Activity

Region of Waterloo – Physical Activity


Region of Waterloo – Healthy Eating

Community Supports

Region of Waterloo – Community Supports

Getting Around – Transportation

 Region of Waterloo

Safety and Preventing Illness or Injury                      

Region of Waterloo

University of Waterloo Retirees Association (UWRA)

              Benefits of Membership

  • email updates from the UWRA President and the UWRA Board on UW notices and events of interest to retirees
  • email notices of UWRA-sponsored social and recreational events
  • a way to keep in touch with the university and with former colleagues
  • opportunities to make new friends and acquaintances
  • a voice in ongoing discussions about pension and health benefits through our seat on the University Pensions and Benefits Committee and the opportunity to make your views known through our representative
  • a voice on the Honorary Members of the University Committee to solicit nominations and make recommendations to the UW Senate
  • information about the UW Faculty, Staff and Retirees Giving program and about retiree-funded UWRA bursaries and scholarships to University of Waterloo students
  • WATtimes, the official newsletter for UW retirees
  • a variety of social activities throughout the year such as a fall reception and spring and fall luncheons that include talks by individuals  who always inform and entertain
  • a discounted rate for coach tours, including visits to wineries, theatres, museums, boat trips, tours of historical interest, and many others

UWRA Communications

UWRA email       

UWRA website    

UWRA Events    

Volunteering Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

UW Centre for Extended Learning  - Lifelong Learning

Third Age Learning – Region of Waterloo      

WLU – Laurier Association for Lifelong Learning

Centre for International Governance Innovation