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Computer accounts

The university will provide, on request, a computer account for retirees which may be used for email or personal web pages. This personal information can be accessed over the internet when you are using an account with any service provider such as Bell Sympatico or Rogers.

Information on local internet service providers is on Information Systems & Technology's (IST's) website.

To obtain a computer account you need to contact the Computing Help & Information Place (CHIP).

You can access your email on the account using your Nexus Mail with your browser. Also you can use a mail program to download the email to your desktop. Read the setup instructions for Microsoft Outlook. The setup for other mail programs will be similar. Read more "how to" documents on the IST's website.

Renew your library card

Do you still have a University of Waterloo library card that you're planning to use some day, but you haven't done so since you retired? You retain full access to all the library resources and extended loan privileges.  Laurie Strome tells us that retirees need to have their cards revalidated if they haven't done so since their official retirement date. If you still want to use the card, give her a call - its painless. She just has to do a few quick keystrokes at her computer and you're revalidated while you're on the phone.

Laurie Strome
Circulation Services Supervisor: Patron Accounts, Dana Porter Library
Phone: 519-888-4567 x35520