News archive - November 2018

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

TALOS humanoid joins the RoboHub family at University of Waterloo!

PAL Robotics, the robotics system supplier of our newest humanoid TALOS, wrote a post on their blog interviewing our team members about the RoboHub and plans for our TALOS. Visit their website for the original article.

Last week, the University of Waterloo inaugurated the E7 Engineering building, which has an impressive RoboHub with a big family of robots… Amongst which, you can find TALOS! The 32-DoF humanoid robot has joined the RoboHub family, and showed its manipulation skills during the Grand Opening.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Waterloo creates a ‘terrarium for robots’

The Globe and Mail published an article on the RoboHub along with the other facilities in the new E7 building. Visit their website for the original article.

If robotics development is anything like driving a car, the University of Waterloo is about to upgrade to a brand-new Ferrari from an old jalopy.

This fall, students and faculty will be able to access the RoboHub – a purpose-built test facility for a variety of robots, from humanoids and wheeled vehicles to flying drones.